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Soil Amendments

We carry a variety of soil amendments. We sell them by the cubic yard. You can pick up from our yard or get them delivered to your home or job site. Minimum for delivery is 10 cubic yards. Free delivery within Dayton and its surrounding areas.

Nitrohumus & Mixed Woods
A scientific blend of humus, sawdust, nitro humus, perlite, sand, and special a mixture of fertilizers. This mix is perfect for pots, tubs, transplants, and high moisture plants.
- 800lb's
Redwood Soil Conditioner
A rich organic compost professionally formulated to improve the texture of soil. Perfect to loosen hard soil. Acts as an excellent cover for seed beds or for top dressing. Also great for lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.
- 550lb's
Treated Planters Mix
A carefully mixed blend to insure the proper balance of organic and mineral matter, designed as an all purpose planting medium for in-ground planting. 50% Organic / 50% Soil.
- 1000lb's
Topsoil - Fill Dirt
An organic soil designed for top dressing lawns and gardens. This ready-to-use soil is also good for blending with peat and compost to create custom potting blends and planting mediums
- 2700lb's
Walk-on Bark
Bark mulches are great for ground cover around plants. Landscape bark mulch is aesthetically pleasing and it helps retain water for your plants. Our landscape bark mulches are premium products
- 500lb's
2 inch Bark Mulch
Large chunks of pine bark give your garden a neat, natural look. They break down more slowly than shredded materials, so they don't need to be replenished as often as smaller walk-on bark.
- 500lb's
Potting Soil
Ideal for all container-grown flowers, herbs and vegetables enriched with earthworm castings, perlite, pumice and organic fertilizer OMRI listed organic
- 800lb's